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August 05, 2010


Papers on Research

Many institutions limit access to their online information. Making this information available will be an asset to all.

Home survival kits

Nice, interesting and informative blog post,,.. Thanks for sharing such post.. i like it very... keep continue sharing this posts...


Have you tried http://www.LocateFamily.com ? You can browse through over 700,000 family names and over 25 million individuals to find people from all religions, ethnic backgrounds, classes and origins from around the globe. Try it... it's completely FREE!


I saw your redirect post at a forum/ for bloggers. I was wondering if you use ancestry.com [material pages] at all. What is your opinion on using that material if your an adsense google blogger? You do have some nice blogs.

brandy sharp

hi i am wondering are you related to a fred sharp? his parents were homer and marie sharp of north carolina i think fred was my father he married my mom karen in the early 70s my name is brandy sharp my father worked as a sea man but my parents divorced in 75 and i never met him well im a little curios a bout him and that side of my family he would be in his 80s now if he is still liveing any help would be great thanks

brandy sharp

oh i forgot i am from louisiana so he lived in sulphur for a little while

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