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May 03, 2004


Milton Sharp,

I am an African American Male whose grandfather was Mosscoe Sharp from Harrellsville, NC. I did a web search to find out more information and this site popped up. I believe there may be a connection. Were your predecessor slave owners?

alex sharp

i am looking for a connection to family in massachusetts, did u have any realtives there? is there anybody that descended form the above names, that is harold sharp? would appreciate any help

bill Ives

I am slow to respond to the two comments above as I just started looking at the this site again. To answer the first question. My Sharp ancestors were slave owners. However, I have not record of the names of any of the slaves. I am going to start publishing more of content and will be happy to provide any information that I have.

To the second question, all the Sharp relatives that I know about are still in North Carolina. Their ancestors all lived in the South. My paternal grandmother was a Sharp and I do not know all of the current generation.

paulette kelly

Looking for Nancy Jane Sharp b,around 1750. Married
William Garrison from Stafford co. va.She may have been cherokee.
thanks Paulette kelly

Carlton Eley

I am African American, and I am from Bertie County, NC. My great-great grandfather is Daniel Simons. His tombstone indicates he was born Oct. 8, 1836.

According to the oral history of my family, the family name for one of our elder ancestors was Sharp before it was changed to Simons. Apparently, this elder of the family was sold from a land owner in Hertford County to a land owner in Bertie County.

Also, a website that I visited noted family ties between the Sharp Family in Hertford County and a Simons Family in Bertie County.

7. Amilicent Perry 13 Oct 1795 -
married John Simons son of Joshua
a. Elizabeth Millicent Simons 8 Feb 1819 - 1881
married Jacob Sharp of Hertford Co.
b. Lavinia Catherine Simons 1816 - 1872
married J. Benbury Sharp of Hertford Co.
c. Mary Louisa (Nancy) Simons 1821 - 1866
married John Winborne
d. John Simons 1824 - 1866 Magnolia Grove
married Celia Ann Sessoms 27 Feb 1831 -
e. Edward P. Simons 1827 - 1890
married a Miss Wilson

Any information or content would be appreciated.

joani halstead

Does anyone have any information on Viola Sharp born 28 Aug. 1920. She married Henry Jackson Cody. She is my grandmother. They were in Kentucky. Thanks.


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Linda Hillhouse Donelson

I am trying to find the parentage of a Bethia Sharp Hillhouse b most likely in the 1770s. Married a John Hillhouse from the So. Carolina Hillhouses. Bethia and John had 8 children, one named Starkey Sharp Hillhouse - unfortunately we have no info on him. John and Bethia lived in North Carolina, then Kentucky, and ultimately Giles Co. Tennessee.
Our family book dated 1972 states that she most likely came from the Col. Starkey Sharp family of North Carolina. Any help? Thank you


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brandy sharp

i am looking for a fred sharp his parents were homer and marie sharp he would be in his 80s now any info would be helpfull ty

Andre Kearns

I am African American. My great great grandparents were Jenkins Sharp (1861-1936) of Harrellsville and Martha Hall (1868-1949) of Winton. Harrellsville was where the slave plantations were located. Winton was the epicenter of the free colored community.

While attending the Hall Family Reunion in August, I visited two Sharp family cemeteries - New Harrellsville Chapel Baptist Church in Cofield and Mt Pleasant Baptist Church in Harrellsville. I am sharing my recorded log of Sharp/Sharpe tombstones (and some Sessoms) in case it is of interest or value to any African American Sharps following this blog.


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