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November 12, 2012


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Brian Hagemann

Unfortunate oversight here by not mentioning the iCloud service Apple is building into their OSes... latest release of OS-X (10.8) allows apps to store on iCloud, in fact defaults to it. iOS has extensive iCloud features throughout... In the real world it works. On my phone, every picture I take is saved to the phone... AND mirrored up to my iCloud account. I sit down at my Mac, open iPhoto and all my photos I took on the camera show up there (or on any other device). GameCenter keeps game scores, settings and info synced between devices, my web bookmarks, email & calendar accounts and settings, contact database... all mirrored to iCloud and synced between devices without my intervention.

Of course I can also turn OFF cloud settings for all or individual services as I desire.

I think this type of inclusion of cloud services requiring no user intervention, (or additional cost) will become much more common and speaks to the power of the cloud for "personal computing".

I will, however look into Carbonite. I keep an external backup locally, but for $50 for unlimited external backup, it might be a nice insurance policy.

Bill Ives

Brian - Thanks for mentioning iCloud.. I am actually using it now and find the synch capabilities to be very useful like the Calendar synch.

Joan Price

This is a great post. As someone who was affected by Sandy, I am glad I was using offsite back-up for both my professional and personal data. It is convenient because with mobile apps, I can retrieve the data on my phone in addition to being able to access the information on my computer. If it wasn't for the cloud, I would have lost a lot of important information when my home and business were flooded. I'm glad you're letting people know about cloud back-up because life is unpredictable.


Personal cloud storage means a storage option in the cloud for individuals (students, freelancers, home users, etc.) to store their valuable data including documents, media files & other materials wherever they want to. Cloud storage gives the privilege to the end-users to store their data in accordance with their ever-changing needs.
In today’s world, most of us are in a hurry & we constantly look for ways to achieve as much work as humanly possible. Before cloud storage was a craze, most people spend a lot of time storing & taking care of their data. Fortunately for all of us, things have changed for the better

Bill Ives

Bretty - Thanks for your comment.

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