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September 07, 2012


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John Tropea

great post...

Some related:
"Assets don’t create; they modify (like a printing press) or shape (like a metal lathe.) They transform (like a computer) or direct (like an artificial intelligence software application), but assets don’t create something that was not there before. Creation is the territory of people."

The person is not the asset: it is the relationship with that person that is the asset

The ecosystem is your greatest asset

John Maloney

This is the principle of subsidiarity. It is an essential teaching of the the Roman Catholic Church.

Two key changes must happen. 1.) Wholesale dismantling of the cynical labor union apparatus. Labor unions in the 21st century are a cruel farce. 2.) remediation of compensation. Hierarchical-based comp drives patently dysfunctional headcount and span-of-control pay practices.

Another key social teaching to advance your goals from the Bishops of Rome is distributism.

As Peter Drucker professed and scores of management experts know, Rome is the origin of most all people-centered Next Practices. After all, they lead the worlds's largest Social Enterprise and have for 2000 years. Imperfect yes, incisive absolutely.

These are not easy to change. Suggest you hope for these changes to arrive in the 22nd not 21st century.

bill  Ives

Thanks to John T. and John M. for your comments. I agree that the network is the new source of value in today's organizations.


Thank you. Jay Baer puts it this way: "... smart companies are in-sourcing more and more of their social participation, unlocking the intelligence, expertise, and passion of their greatest assets….their employees."

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