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August 01, 2012


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Luis Suarez (@elsua)

Hi Bill, great blog post and many thanks for the link love and for the insights! Indeed, that's the whole point of what I have been trying to demonstrate throughout all of these years since 2008 on how for group, networks, and community work there are much better tools, better suited, than traditional ones like email. In an exercise of openness, publicy and transparency it pays off to share your knowledge out there in the open with everyone. However, the key to this transition has also been to learn to adjust on new behaviours where you become part of the flow and, as such, there is no longer that demand on wanting to read everything and respond to everything. Never mind getting exposed to everything as a way to justify your work, which is one of the reasons why people still resort to email.

Basically, the generation of trust by narrating your work (Observable Work #owork) has been paying off tremendously throughout all of that time and if there is anything that I would share as a word of caution is that innate sense of "oversharing" that we seem to be going through in social networking tools. Just because we want to show we are there and everything. Well, I keep saying, we already know! No need for you to overstate it 50 or 60 times per day!! Tame yourself, just like you keep trying to tame the email beast. But it's got to start somewhere! :)

Thanks again for the lovely post and hope to see you soon again!

bill  Ives

Luis - Thanks for your comments. I am working on a project now where we use a wiki and Skype as the main forms. We often screen share the wiki as part of our conversations. It is so much better than email and attachments. In addition to using email less because of tools like a wiki, I am also using it less because of real time tools like Skype. Bill

Luis Suarez (@elsua)

You are most welcome, Bill! Absolutely! And this is where it gets really really cool, because it proves how collaboration, knowledge sharing and productivity tools have been designed to do a better job in group collaboration than what email does... And being able to get together in real-time is just as good as it gets in combination with offline. Which is also one of the main reasons why I *heart* Google Plus quite a bit since it integrates both of those aspects of collaboration without having your information being snooped around, like I found out the other day with Skype ... Oh oh ... bad, bad, bad boy, that Skype one! :)

bill  Ives

Luis - See you at KM World in October. Looking forward to it.

Luis Suarez (@elsua)

Hi Bill! Absolutely! I am already looking forward to it since it would be the first time I will be going there and looking at the list of speakers there are a bunch of folks that I haven't seen in years F2F and it would be good to reconnect again, along with seeing great friends again, as yourself! See you soon!!

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