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May 02, 2012


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Rob Paterson

Wishing you many more years Bill
All the best

bill  Ives

Thanks Rob - much appreciated. Bill

Andre P.

I read this everyday. I enjoy reading this blog. I hope to continue reading Bill for many,many years. Keep up the great job and thank you for passion for KM.

Luis Suarez (@elsua)

Hiya, Bill! My goodness! Has it been that long already?!?! Amazing stuff! Congratulations and many many happy returns! Thanks much, Bill, for allowing us to have a peek into your ideas, thoughts, experiences, know-how, i.e. your brain, etc etc ;-)) It's been a pure delight and I still remember how it was thanks to you, Jack, Jim McGee and a few others that I got blogging myself externally around October 2005! Good times ever since!! Please do keep allowing us to learn even more from your blogging!

See you in Boston in June! :-D hehe

bill  Ives

Luis and Andre

Thanks for your kind thoughts and Luis, I look forward to seeing you soon in Boston. Your continues to be an inspiration to me.

bill  Ives

Luis - I left on a kind word in my comment above. - your blog continues to be an inspiration to me but I could fill in a lot of other things as well. :)

Luis Suarez (@elsua)

Hi Bill, awww, many thanks for those kind comments! See? This is one of the things that I truly find inspirational about the Internet Blogosphere and that it's hard to see elsewhere, specially, nowadays: mutual nurturing of the mind with some amazing cross-inspirational ideas! Likewise, my friend, and can't wait to see you in Boston soon for a much proper F2F catch up! :)

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