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May 10, 2011


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Its true that content curators are a valuable asset in today's information glutted world. However, those curators should be people, as opposed to algorithms. I watched Eli Pariser's TED presentation on the "filter bubble" and he talks about how search engines and other online portals are filtering out information based on the information you seem to favor most. The problem with this level of customization doesn't take into account the multifaceted character of information consumption. Sure one might spend a lot of time looking at fashion or celeb gossip news, but if this is all the algorithms take into account, we miss out on the more important and less fluffy news.

bill  Ives

I agree with you point curators should be people, as opposed to algorithms. This is why we focus at Darwin on content visualizations that make it easier and more efficient for people to do the curation and find the less fluffy news. Thanks.

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