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September 09, 2010


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Fair to mention I think, with all the talk around Spigit's functionality and features, they still do not match head to head with the flexibility, functionality, and versatility of Brighitdea's software used by some of the world’s top companies including AMEX, Nielsen, Sony, Adobe, etc…. Brightidea also power’s Cisco's internal innovation portal and was recently awarded a 1.4M contract with the Dept of State to power its internal innovation site.

Check out the latest buzz and real customer success stories here:

Brian Wick

Hi Janelle,

Always a pleasure to find you commenting on articles discussing Spigit. We're working hard here at Spigit, and your consistent tracking of us and spam-commenting on articles validates the work we're doing and the direction we're leading the industry.

Bill's piece here is a good write-up of the Spigit platform, and there's going to be some terrific new functionality coming out soon. Looking forward to seeing how you handle those announcements in the future. But we think we already know the answer to that, don't we?


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