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August 24, 2010


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performance testing

I have found it quite interesting. Thank you for writing about this. I have bookmarked your page.

ugg knightsbridge

Mathematics is a charming subject! It has attracted numerous heroes spend most of their lives for its energy! Just to unlock it


Nice post, Bill. The idea is interesting, in that it can surface relevant information and content to people while they are working on something. But this assumes that most of the people in the organization are using the platform as the primary tool for finding knowledge, which may be a bit more than for quite a few organizations.

bill  Ives

Atul - You raise a good point and this is an adoption issue more than a tech issue. Thanks. Bill

Vijeesh Papulli

What you share is certainly a good amalgamation of AI, Colletive Intelligence in the Org, Learning Systems, ECM, Web 2.0. KM Next Level certainly. Thanks for writing about this. Interesting book from Steven. Will check it out.

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