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August 17, 2010


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Allen Bonde

Great question - and I agree the survey answers are pretty honest & telling.

When I have my consultant's hat on, I would favor a more strategic approach to social media/marketing/commerce driven by lots of discussions, discovery, benchmarking, a proper mission, practical KPIs and roadmap etc. But as you point out not everyone is on-board with this level of commitment or investment. Interestingly I find that customer service organizations and those that have invested in online support and self-service efforts are more likely to be open to this approach vs. marketing folks.

Of course I also wear a marketing hat myself (at Offerpop), and given everything on my plate - and the fact that our product actually is a platform for social marketing - I tend to fall back into tactical mode in practice! As long as your social marketing programs are guided by some best practices and frameworks like our maturity model (see, AND you track KPIs and make adjustments, I think a (mostly) tactical approach can work pretty well - at least when starting out or when you are part of small-ish org.

What do you think?


bill  Ives


Thanks for your practical advice. Of course strategic to tactical is a continuum rather than a either/or situation. You still seem to be on the strategic side of the equation. I also wear a marketing hat at Darwin Ecosystems and I am aware of what you mention. We should talk some time. Bill

Jesse Stanchak


I like your take on our poll. Have you seen this?

bill  Ives

Thanks Jesse. I applied for your new role.

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