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March 24, 2010


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I can't think of the last time I had a problem solving idea (e.g., "boy, I sure wish there was something I could just buy to get around this issue") when I was sitting at my desk... it almost always comes to me when I'm doing something other than "work" and it almost always ends up recorded on my iPhone somehow... voice memo, note, etc.

So maybe going mobile for Brightidea will mean user adoption will be a lot faster than forcing people into a webpage... but it probably also means net total new ideas generated or total ideas per user (or whatever metric matters here) will also go up?

bill  Ives

Arik - Thanks for your comment and good points. I used to take a nap to generate good ideas and I would have a note pad near by if I got them. My iPhone would be better. On a related note I just read a study that said 28% of iPhone users check/update Twitter before they get out of bed. The smart phone means we are never far from work, but then I pften leave mine at home. Bill

Smart Phone PDA

Mobile brightidea innovation management may be a heavy problem. This will bring users a lot of faster when go into a webpage.

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