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January 19, 2010


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John Maloney

Hi - Thanks for the post. I was tracking the election at the popular prediction market -- Ireland-based InTrade.

Coakley cratered badly and fast in these cash markets for event derivatives (outcomes).

Not sure the decisive election outcome were based on sexism or campaign style or even party affiliation.

Rather, Coakley's crushing defeat was a referendum on Washington's tin ear. People are just royally pissed with the arrogance of DC.

BTW, from outside The Bay State (SF) It looks like the Boston Tea Party -- circa 2010.

Anyway, prediction markets offer an uncanny view into these elections. They are a key, fast-growing social media and Enterprise 2.0 plank.

Govt is beginning to apply collective intelligence to all manner of issues. If this interests you and your readers then join the PM Clusters -- the w/w prediction market community sponsored by many market providers, including InTrade.

BTW, another Mass congressperson, Barney Frank, hinted he may open up or at least safe harbor real money prediction markets this year. That will change everything in US prediction markets and collective intelligence.


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