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July 14, 2009


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Raj Kumar

Bill, don't these guys have like 10 people in the whole company including the founders and marketing? How many team permutations and optimizations around personality can you really do? This kind of feels like they sold you the Web 2.0 brochure, but I'd love to hear the hard metrics that show that this approach is working and just more of the Web 2.0 hype:

- Paying users
- Non-paying users
- Adoption/usage metrics

Admittedly if this is more than just hype then it is pretty interesting, but it all sounds too early to declare success on a company that just launched and is running on venture steam.

bill  Ives

Raj Thanks for your comment. I do not have the answer about the user base metrics but I did find their process very interesting, as you suggest. They did not sell me on doing a post on the process. It was the opposite. I did a interview with CubeTree for an AppGap review of their product features. I do two of these a week and have spoken to many excellent vendors over the past year and half. I was very impressed with the way CubeTree involves their users in the development process with the User Voice tool. So I suggested doing a second post going into more detail on their process. I have no reason to believe it is not working as they suggest. Whether they will be a long term success remains to be seen but I think they are applying some innovation to what they do. Of course there are other innovative companies out there. It is a fun market niche to report on.

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