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June 24, 2009


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John Tropea

Hey Bill,

I haven't used Google Reader for a long time. It seems all the bloggers I'm subscribed to auto-tweet their blogs posts.
Plus on twitter I get to have regular chat with them. RSS readers have their purpose, but they are not an ecosystem. I can only read in an RSS Reader, I can't post or comment, it's just not alive like Twitter.

And I don't have to go through all my posts like in an RSS Reader, it's like they are already filtered for me. If they are important they will resurface.

Blogs are more about content, filtering and reviewing stuff, and now Twitter filters that to another level (your network) so you just read the best blog posts.

Mind you, when I get back from 2 weeks holiday, I would probably consult Google Reader, rather than Twitter. could of had a Twitter element. When I save in why not let me decide whether I want to add that link to my blog. Same with Flickr, when I save a photo, maybe I want to showcase it in my Flickr blog.

As you say Twitter is good as a help engine. Google is good for facts and ranking based on citations, but what about searching my RSS Reader or Twitter for ranking based on my network. And I can also ask questions to my network and reframe stuff to my context...I cannot have a conversation with Google results.

Here are my thoughts, see the end of the post about crowdsourcing your friends using facebook

Here's my review of help engines

In my post about twitter 3 years on I compare Twitter to blogs, forums, etc.. (see sections "Different to blogging", and "So why are people more likely to tweet than to blog?")

Basically people that blog also tweet, but people that tweet don't all blog. My dad uses facebook status updates, but not facebook notes.
That's why I think microblogs will take off in the enterprise more than blogging. Especially when you can get quicker ROI eg. ask a question in the microblog network and get an answer.
I think project/team communication blogs will take off more than personal blogs.

The killer thing about microblog networks is I can do everything (I can link blog, share thoughts, have a conversation, read links people share) all in the same space...most of all I'm connected to people. Not saying the blogosphere is not like this, but it's not as explicit, and takes a lot of work to build.

I guess Twitter blurs broadcast and personal communications - in the same text box I publish thoughts and links, but also have personal conversations.

bill  Ives

John - great thoughts as always and I certainly agree. I rarely use RSS readers anymore because of twitter. I also do not use Facebook much for the same reason. However, i rarely used RSS before Twitter since people used to send my interesting stuff thru email. No they do not I guess because of twitter. I like the conversational aspects of twitter but I doubt it would have all of its value without links as only so much you can say in 140 char. You cold not have made this comment in twitter but I can ink back to it. I will check out you links as soon as I get a chance.

John Tropea

I agree. Microblogs and blogs are complementary. Nowadays Twitter is the pulse and leads you to blogs. Before hand we had RSS Readers, delicious, digg, or lucky people like you who get fed emails. Actually when you think of it digg is similar to twitter in a link blogging way. But the killer thing about Twitter is it's not just about link blogging, I can converse, connect, chat with really fills the human need of social interaction so nicely.

What is my web ID, is it my email, blog, Facebook or Twitter?

bill  Ives

John I went from making fun of twitter to an addict because it allows for connections around content that is meaningful to me. But it does not replace blogs just opens a new channel. Thx Bill

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