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May 07, 2009


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Chris Savage

Thanks for the mention.

We've found it a good strategy to take what's working for sem and seo and start implementing searches on twitter for the same keywords. A surprisingly large number of people are going to twitter in addition to or instead of googling.

Asking friends for a recommendation is the reason yelp has done so well with restaurants and stores, it seems only natural that more people will turn to their twitter relationships as a reputable resource on anything.

So far, people have appreciated when I've reached out to help them with their business video problems... we'll see how this progresses as twitter matures and the novelty starts to disappear.

bill  Ives

Chris - Thanks for the expansion. Your experience of people appreciating twitter out reach if done right is consistent with what I hear from the software firms. I am going to have to start doing more twitter searches on topics. I do find that I often meet new people when I use topical tags. Bill

Johnny Xiang

good article. I try to use twitter to build a network for our company. There were some prolbems, one is the speed to visit twitter from China. another is our team is not familar to use it. our team has 8 people.


Thanks for the information, we will look at Twitter in a different light and spend some time on it and assign it as a Task so that it can be scheduled.

The more we can direct traffic to our job board, the better.

It has also given us the idea to set up localised Twitter accounts for various locations around Ireland like for jobs in Dublin jobs in Cork etc.

It seems like an endless opportunity exists.

bill  Ives


Thanks for sharing your experiences. Have you gotten good results from your dedicated tweeting? It does seem to be a great application of Twitter. Bill

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