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May 16, 2009


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I agree on Woodman's. Absolutely the best. In Maine, where we now live, we love Shaw's in New Harbor.


Strips? Good God, man, go for the full bellies. I'm a transplant to New England and I've got to say the Woodmans fried clam plate (with a side of steamers, an ear of corn and a Sam Adams) is the #1 reason I stay here. Ok, maybe #1A, my wife would disagree.

bill  Ives

JC and Larz. Thanks for the comments and votes. I will look for Shaw's and JC I certainly agree on the corn, steamers and Sam Adams. I think the bellies are okay but prefer to focus on the part I like best. Strip plates are also about 60% of belly plates.

Clam Strip Not

I can't believe you would review any clam shack on the New England coast based on clam STRIPS. Save that for your Denny's or HoJo's reviews. Sorry, but your credibility as a reviewer is challenged.

Rob Paterson

We don't do Strips here - the real full clam. Best place I know is Ozzies on the St John road just outside St Andrews NB. Close in taste and texture would be The Frosty Treat in Kensington PEI

bill  Ives


Thanks for these recommendations. Now I have yet another reason to get to PEI. Bill


Woodman's just opened a satellite shop in Litchfield, NH!

bill  Ives

Jeannette - Thanks for the tip. Bill


Okay, being from Massachusetts, the fried clam is one of the things I missed the most while living in Texas for 9 years. Now that I'm back we had to try all the places in Essex and here's my review. The Clam Box: Good, clean fried clams (bellies please!) very tasty but a bit underseasoned OMO. No view.No BEER?? Cool clam box building design. A fine New England experience. Farnhams: Sweet, full belly clams. Onion rings a bit bland, nice marsh view, cozy old-world clam shack vibe. Essex Seafood: Good, not great fried clams, no view, my least favorite. Woodmans's of Essex: Here's why it's #1 in my book of legendary fried clam shacks: Sweet, succulent Ipswich clams (when in season and available) GREAT onion rings, sweet, lightly fried seafood platter. Get yourself a cold Sam Adam's ON-TAP!! and you are in clam heaven! THE VIBE: Simply the coolest old building with a great marsh view. Stand in line as you watch the lobsters steam away and anticipate a great New England experience. The place where the fried clam was invented and still the best.

bill  Ives


Thanks for your great addition. I agree completely with your assessment. Perhaps I will see you at Woodman's this sumer. Bill

carpenters in essex

The fried clams seems so delicious. I also think all the three recipes were good. They actually look like onion rings but even more tasty.

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