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May 04, 2009


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Craig Underwood

Bill. Great post. One question I would add is "If you were able to have a weekly call with your major customers or prospects, would you be able to share something of value with them almost every week?" When I was CEO of The Loyalty Group, the CEOs/Presidents of our advertising and other agencies often asked me to dinner. Given the demands of running a high growth company, my family and other passions, I adopted a "one opportunity" rule. I would agree to have dinner the first time, but if I didn't leave the dinner with one new insight or idea that could potentially move our business forward or make me a better leader, I would politely decline all future requests.

Also, a couple of small typos. Add "put" before "up" in the first line and "of" before "the content" in the 10th.

bill  Ives

Craig - nice addition and thanks for the typo catches. People will also not come back to a business blog if it does not follow your rule and provide something of value.

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