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May 28, 2009


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Sean Brady

I am using Twitter Search, FeedBurner and Gmail to help me better manage my links and RT's in Twitter. I use Gmail as my PKM nerve center (as suggested in a number of posts on the Micro Persuasion blog), and actually have FeedBurner e-mail me whenever I have new link content. My search on Twitter Search is pretty simple, just from:seanabrady filter:links.

This works well for me as I also have feeds coming in from Google Reader, my Friendfeed and Diigo.

jonathan denison

I think I use twitter for personal KM :) It is the end repository that get's all the stuff I care about. My set up is as follows;

I use delicious when I am browsing and find something I like
Google reader and the share button for blogs I read which are helpful
Flickr (mainly personally for photos)
Twitter from time to time to tweet directly
I blog occasionally
And I use Evernote to share stuff publically from time to time.

All these feed into friendfeed and from their out to twitter.

So either friendfeed or twitter are my repository where I can go back and search in one place if I don't recall where I came across something.

Is this personal KM?

bill  Ives

Sean and Jonathan Thanks for sharing your social media use for personal KM. It is more comprehensive than what I do see my Enterprise 2.0 for Enterprise of One series on this blog. Bill

Dirk Röhrborn

I'm using for my personal knowledge management. This is a microsharing system made for enterprise use. However, what I like is the powerful #-tagging and filtering that serves my purposes for storing and remembering snippets of knowledge best.

bill  Ives

Dirk Thanks for the suggestion. I will take a look at it. Bill

Sim Hua Soon

I think you have raised a valid point that Twitter reminds you of

While Twitter is definitely good in dissemination of information, I doubt it will be useful for long term personal knowledge management.

As the amount of information increases, it will be harder to retrieve what you want. There is a limit on the amount of information that can be stored with 160 characters. There is a scientific word for this - entropy

There are a lot of meta-information that is required for a feasible large-scale knowledge base. One good example will be emails to illustrate what Twitter is currently lacking.

* Who - source or participants of the information
* When - When was this information created
* Context - as in previous emails discussion. Can we link up all the threads on twitter?
* organization structure - as in email folders or tags

bill  Ives

Sim Hua - Thanks for your comment. I agree with your points. I use twitter as a short term storage for useful links. However, I need to go back to them within a week or it can get hard to find stuff as you suggest. I also use email in the manner you suggest.


Vinh Khoa

I'm doing research about Knowledge management for my Honours project and come across this post. I never thought of using Twitter or other social network as a PKM before, but now I do thanks to you :-)

In a simple sense, managing knowledge is a 2 way process: store & retrieve. Twitter is doing a great job in storing links and tips but not quite on the retrieval part.

Twitter makes it easy to share knowledge with your mates. But again, once shared, the other person doesn't have an easy way to manage the knowledge he receives from you unless he stores it somewhere else.

Intersting thoughts though. Thanks for bringing it up. I know it's an old post, but new to me :-)


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