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March 20, 2009


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QuickBase was the easiest Enterprise 2.0 adoption I've ever done. When we implemented it at JetBlue (case study on QB's website), it was the fastest viral adoption we ever had. We started implementing it for ourselves in IT, as a PMIS, and before we knew it, it was offloading so much different ad hoc development work across the organization, it was unbelievable.

It helped us take a huge (and quick) bite out of quite a bit of the Shadow IT work that was going on (and was constantly coming back to haunt the IT department). The first time any team outside of the original group saw a report from the system, they wanted it for themselves. By the time I left the company, we had over a dozen apps in the system, for at least half a dozen different departments and business units, with more demand coming constantly.

And now I implement it for clients, because once their users have a license, they can have as many apps as they need in it -- project management, incident management, asset tracking, team calendars, etc. It's easy for me to get set up and then hand off to them to manage on an on-going basis.

bill  Ives


Thanks for the case example and your thoughts. I like their stories, as well as their features so it is nice to hear more.


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