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March 12, 2009


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Hello Bill,

I enjoyed reading your article in Inside Office about Content Monitoring Tools where you mentioned Twitter. Therefore I would like to ask you about your appraisal about new trends as specialized user generated content platforms, which automatically tag the news - by this the news are filterable. I am a former stock broker and found this tendency at which I use myself. It is a pretty new portal, and I like it. Look forward to your opinion.

Kind regards,

Thomas Martin

One of the other powerful features of OneNote is that you can publish a notebook to a Sharepoint directory. This makes it very easy to go to a meeting, take notes, and have everyone who has access to that site be able to access the content. Meeting notes without having to mail them. They can be made available instantly after a meeting (or even during!).

Bill  Ives

Juergen - Thanks for your comment. Borkerz looks useful. Since I am not a member I could only see some of the things. It seems a bit like a vertical market twitter.

Thomas - Thanks for the additional information on One Note. Bill

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