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March 04, 2009


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Paul Chaney

I've often said blogs are your social media headquarters. It's good to know Forrester agrees.

Bill  Ives

Paul Thanks for your comment. I like your blog - and added it to my list. Bill

Account Deleted

It warms my heart to read this!

However I don't know how long Blogs will trump Twitter & Facebook

The mob mentality will take over

Old media Vs. New Media

Who will win?

Can't believe I just called Blogs old media...


Bill  Ives

ZuD I think blogs are different than twitter and facebook. They compliment each other. I compare twitter to slots and blogs to poker. Pick your action. We still use the telephone and it was new over 100 years ago. I can understand about your comment about not believing blogs are old media. I started mine in 2004 when it was sort of new. But I remember when I saw LISA (the Mac precursor) six months before it was released i 1982 and before that used punch cards to process stats in the 70s. Thanks for your comment. Bill


Couldn't agree with you more. Blogs are "steak" and Twitter/Facebook et al., are "sizzle".

In this vein, perhaps you'd enjoy some of the articles here:

Bill  Ives

Liked your blog and added it to my list. Thanks. Bill

Steve Orris

Interesting. I'm doing the Facebook and Twitter thing. My blog does say a lot more about me and my business than I ever could in the other formats. I like Facebook but it will never replace my blog.

bill  Ives


Thanks for your comment and a great blog. Bill

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I think personal Blog is limited to your interest.but social network vast like can get every thing which you want


Great Post! Social networking can help a business gain contacts, clients, and increased public awareness.


im afraid that its normally out with the old and in with the new. maybe if somebody could create a new google and promote blogging with it blogzoerz would be saved :( everybody go to wisteria and get started on your mini googles!

Affordable Website Design

Nice post.Social networks support a lot to your blog.I also use Orkut to get people response.Can any explain how to use the face book.Thanks

amber masson

there u know what its an awesome thing to share different ideas and gossips with other who donot even know you.any ways how to use a face boob its really simple just make your log in there and its such a best site i have ever used it. that it ask you before nay action you want to perform or any wants to comment on your wall its so simple and the best site

Company Formation

Blogging is now the king of business promotion. In fact search engines even like sites which have a blog of their own and maintain it with fresh content, it gives out a more of a personal feel than social media sites such as Twitter/Facebook. It is proven by research that websites with blogs have a higher conversion rate than the ones that do not.

Tax Attorney

Social networking sites have some good impact on online business now, if we just talk about Facebook,which is one of leading networking site there are more than 158 million users. This shows that they are now big source of business.


the internet markeeting for the bussnes is very important and clsssified
very nice thank u very much

Web Design

I really agree with the facts that you have shared on this post. An interesting topic like this really enhances reader's mind to have more effective decisions over a certain issue.

Promotional Products

This was an interesting article to read. I do believe blogging, Twitter and Facebook are all exceptional ways to social media link. I am a small business owner and we regularly utilize these tools to our advantage and see almost immediate results, as far as revenue. Also I've found promotional products also help boost your clientele. Everyone loves freebies and it's even better when they are directly linked to your company. To promote your business in this manner will also give your company the positive exposure it needs to expand.


Very much right that blogs can have more impact on purchase decisions than social networks, but need good content, and attractive material to attract visitors. Good post really.


if we talk about a few years ago, people did not consider it safe to shop through internet. In this busy life of today, if we get the convenience of from home, then everything becomes easy.href="" >shopping online

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