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August 08, 2008


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David Gurteen

Hi Bill,

I for for one think it is :-) See:

David :-)

Bill Ives


Thanks for your comment and link. I agree that I do not like the term KM 2.0 or Social KM. There is no need to rename it. I think that enterprise 2.0 is enough labeling and KM can make use of it and fit within it. I do think that enterprise 2.0 is allowing us to achieve more of the original vision of KM and I am excited about what is happening in this space. (Note - I did not like KM and E 2.0 as terms either but they have stuck and you have to call them something so I do use these terms.)


Kevin LaHaise

Bill - this post is great. It's always good to see someone taking the emphasis off of names. Specifically nice to see that you call out E 2.0 as just a name for something that needs one. The bigger point is certainly the enterprise-level collaboration that you're discussing - and the name has little to do with the value that it delivers to any business. As an example, semantic web will run into the inevitable title of "Web 3.0" - which is obviously a pathetic description of the actual value that it brings to the table.

Perhaps we'll see better names at some point. But, then again, if a name said it all, we wouldn't have much to discuss!

Looking forward to your coverage of Serena!

Bill  Ives

Kevin - Thanks. Perhaps the semantic web might keep its name since it has been used for so long. I often use the term participatory web for web 2.0 but it is too late for that to work and it is more complex to say. It could also be the social web. Someone with authority should have a contest to replace web 2.0. Bill

סופר דסק

I need to be certain that the business software company is not simply providing a web software into the business. I also need that business information administration experts and business librarians to take a authority factor into generating sure these methods are chosen and used effectively.

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