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April 15, 2008


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Dan Keldsen

Bill - Amen, I loathe the Fun Wall, Super Fun Wall, and any other Wall I've seen on Facebook. I understand the desire for virality, but yeesh, come on!

Michael Clarke

I've gradually stopped using a lot of Facebook apps - fun for a while but the constant level of "forward to a friend" pestering is diabolical. Though Facebook are nowhere near as bad as the appalling Naymez (or however you spell it). Approximately two out of three screens seem to be advertisements for 'added-value' services. Dreadful.

Bill Ives

Michael - yes and yes - I have stopped using most of the Facebook widgets while I still use the core functions for social networking and like that part. I also agree that many of the others are worse. I do not accept invitations from any of the new social network systems as I had bad experiences when I did. Besides LinkedIn and Facebook are enough. I like the name of your blog, as well as the content and have had it on my list for a while. Regards, ,Bill


Myspace is now at over 130 million users also. Stunning for a social media/social networking site. I guess the world loves interacting away from 'normal' life. All I know is I have a hard time getting the computer off of my son at times!

The sheer volume of use these sites get makes you wonder at the technology they use to keep them going....not to mention the revenue they are generating.

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