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April 30, 2008


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Rex Lee

Thanks for the post. Just some of my thoughts. I think the word "social" is what most people get hung up on. Often they will consider "social" to mean the opposite of "work". We could argue the semantics, and pull out references but not sure that really helps.

What we've been able to do, is relate it to business concepts that most people understand and try to avoid the terminology. When we focus on business purpose, Enterprise 2.0 has the same core purpose as Enterprise 1.0. It's all about collaboration. The reason a firm exists (See Ron Coase) is to collaborate. To create more value than could be accomplished individually.

What we're doing in Enterprise 2.0, is the same thing. It's allowing people to collaborate, just a little more efficiently and at larger scales.

Think of a whiteboard as wiki 1.0. It's a piece of equipment that people can draw on, edit, and modify as a single source for this in a room. What we're doing now, is letting more people be a part of the collaborative effort in a wiki, but not bound by space or time.

Bill Ives


Thanks. You offered a nice extension of what I was trying to say.


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