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March 20, 2008


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Mike Sivertsen

Great move. Let's get the 'climate change' data used by the gloom and doom crowd that results in higher energy prices on the Net and let's all take a look at it. The algorithms used to compute the results that Al Gore is wandering the world with are fraudulent and in error (the "Enron of climate science"). This was discovered in 2003.

Michael Crichton, scientist and medical doctor, advocated use of the web in 2005 in order to address politicized and fraudulent science behind the global warming scam.

Crichton recommends three approaches to obtain better scientific facts for decision making:
•Franklin Roosevelt (FDR) approach: surround yourself with two major groups, your official advisors, and a group of personal mentors and cronies that never talks to the first group. Have each group argue in front of you.
•Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approach: blind studies done by researchers and labs unknown/opposed to each other. When they publish their reports the data is also released on the Internet.
•Apply product liability to information, just as we do for physical products.

John Tropea

Check out Scienceblogs

I reviewed it about a year ago

bill Ives

John - Thanks fot eh link. I liked Scienceblogs. I read a few of the posts and agreed with Ed Brayton on the Obama;s speech.
"But the point that Schaeffer is making is that right wing preachers say things like this all the time as well, and rather than being an albatross around the neck of conservative politicians who solicit and embrace their support, those men are routinely invited to the White House and cited in the media. It is unimaginable that Jeremiah Wright could ever be the kind of power broker in the Democratic party that Falwell, Robertson and others have long been in the Republican party. So while we rightly condemn some of the crazy statements Wright has made, let's keep this in some context as well. Schaeffer nails this when he writes of his father: Take Dad's words and put them in the mouth of Obama's preacher (or in the mouth of any black American preacher) and people would be accusing that preacher of treason. Yet when we of the white Religious Right denounced America white conservative Americans and top political leaders, called our words "godly" and "prophetic" and a "call to repentance."

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