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January 06, 2008


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Allen Leigh

You're right about much of the genealogical data on the Mormon site being full of errors. 10 years ago my sister and I decided to go online with her research. has our leigh line back to 1590 in Wales, and side lines go back to 900. It's all been fact-checked and verified as much as we can.

bill Ives

Allan - Thanks for sharing your site. It looks great and I added it to my list of genealogy web sites on my two family history blogs. Bill

Paula Thornton

Bill: Speaking of 2.0, what's more amazing is how I backed into your post. We often talk about the conversation/collaboration part, but rarely about the automated networking part -- ala. a mashup, but different -- let me know if there's already a new term here.

I finally gave in and set up a Spock account. It had an automated link to a profile I didn't know existed ( which also had automated links, that eventually took me to your post here (no wonder you were asking me so many question!).

But my little journey here today has also kept me from a schedule that would have gotten me to the genealogy center to get more work done. Maybe I just just wait the few more weeks until I can do more of it from home...

The ability to work from home will not change our need to 'go places'. It will just keep us more focused on where we go and why.

I got both a digital camera and a digital voice recorder -- specifically for creating artifacts to add to the collection. My Christmas gift to my father this year was a trip to his birthplace in the coal mining country in north-eastern Pennsylvania (which we'll take later this year).

bill Ives


Thanks for your comment. I found going to actual genealogy libraries to be invaluable and there are two good ones in Boston and another in CT, for several reasons. First, I was able to see many old documents that are not in digital format or microfiche. This gave me access to more primary sources. I spent a lot of money at the copy machines. But equally important was the more direct connection with the documents themselves. Having said that I was thrilled to look at the online images of the US census from the beginning and actually see relatives listed with the details. It was also interesting to see the changes in what they recorded over the years. I hope you have a great time in PA. The family history trips can be great fun. I saw the river in North Carolina were my paternal grandfather courted my grandmother in a canoe as the story goes and the farm in Oklahoma where my mother grew up and many more.

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