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December 14, 2007


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Oscar Berg

Hi Bill,
I agree with you that it is very important not to take the control away from users, it is one of the fundamental principles of usability. Even if the Facebook guys might become more careful from now on, I am quite sure that they will continue to commercialization road. The Beacon experiment is such a illustrative example of a commersialization vs usability struggle. From having had the user in focus they are now putting revenue (greed) in focus. Can you blame them? Now they want to capitalize on their success.


bill Ives

Oscar - Thanks for your comment which I certainly agree with. If they too far down the commercialization road they could get more serious rebellions. No one has signed a contract but there is that time investment. I liked your blog and added it to my blog toll. Bill

Aurelius Tjin

This is obviously one great post. The information are very insightful and helpful. Thanks for sharing all of these.


I agree. This isn't a great idea for the facebook community. I met the COO of facebook last summer in Sun Valley Idaho. He was attending an investing conferance hosted by Allen & Company from New York. He seemed like a great guy, with some solid ideas. He was also telling me that during the duration of our conversation they registered 10,000 new facebook at it's best.

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