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November 18, 2007


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andy carvin

Hope you enjoy the recipe! Yep, the blog was a different format then. For years I just had a personal homepage that I edited by hand, publishing travel diaries, etc. So when I finally got sick of manually editing HTML, I moved it over to Movable Type.

bill Ives

Andy - Thanks for adding that context. you must have one of the oldest blogs around. It is one case where the calendar archives are meaningful. Bill

andy carvin

Yeah, it's going on 13 years now. pretty crazy. Justin Hall still has me beat, though. :-)

jessica lipnack

What a great piece of web history, Bill. And you, Andy, how far-sighted to use your site this way just when the rest of us were catching on (can claim 13 years on the web here - yay for us!) But, alas, there's one ingredient missing from your latke recipe - the bit of skin that comes with grating the potatoes. And I take issue with the suggestion that the yolks be omitted in the interest of health. If you're eating oil-soaked latkes, you've already made your decision. Pile on the *non*low-fat sour cream and you're good to go (to the hospital perhaps...)

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