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October 17, 2007


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Doug Cornelius

Bill -

Let me share a story about the communication and social network powers of Facebook.

One of my “friends” in Facebook is a person who works in my office. We take up 14 floors in the office tower, so I can go weeks without seeing him. We both regularly update our status, post items and do the other typical Facebook activities.

Last week, after not meeting face-to-face or otherwise directly communicating for a few weeks, we ran into each other in the stairwell. We both remarked: “It feels like we talk every day.”

It is this indirect communication feature of Facebook that is so powerful. I find it enhances face-to-face and phone interactions because you have this background of what the person has been doing.

I feel like we talk every day.


bill Ives

Doug - Thanks for the story. I am not as active as you but I do use facebook and have certainly benefited from it to make additional connections that would have not happen otherwise. Bill

Derek Abdinor

Bill, our interest in Facebook may not be about duplicating it, but rather in what lessons it's taught us. Corporates may be correct to ban or limit Facebook usage at the workplace, but when I present the following points they realise how far down the Enterprise 2.0 road their employees already are (and they get proactive round about point 8):

1 Web publishing is simple
2 Facebook is a start page
3 Social networking online
4 Naked communication
5 Friends
6 Always-on culture
7 The Internet is a raw document repository
8 Microblogging
9 Fad
10 Knowledge gathering

bill Ives

Your post had some excellent material. I will refer to it is a post I am working on for next week for the FAST Forward blog. Thanks, Bill

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