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September 21, 2007


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I have seen quite a few programs like this around the web. Click a button and you can bookmark your sites in 20 places at once!

I'm sure this is a popular tool for SEOs, but in truth, I think you'll get a lot more out of joining two or three social bookmarking communities and actually working to become a part of that community. A big part of the power behind these platforms is the opportunity for networking they provide. I suspect a lot of that is lost if you're just carbon copying your bookmarks across the web.

bill Ives

Annie - Excellent points. It becomes simply gaming with massive copying stuff. I think the real benefit of AddThis is that you get a menu of many bookmarking and sharing sites so you go quickly to the one of your choice. Without real invovement and time you will not get any real benefits. Thanks, Bill

Janelle (Social Bookmarking Software - FREE Tool)

Yes, agreed, Social Bookmarking can be used as a great marketing tool. It allows u to get quality backlink and free web traffic. However, it is important not to submit too often to the same site within the same day. Otherwise, u can get banned by the bookmarking sites as they may think that u are spamming.

OnlyWire dot com and GetBookmark dot com are 2 very handy tool (free of charge). They each allows u to submit to about 15+ bookmarking sites all at one go. But, u must first create your account with each bookmarking site. This can be quite tedious and boring. The other 2 drawbacks are the sites listed are quite limited (some in the list are not even working) and it does not allow u to use keyword phrase as tag.

For those who are seriously looking at tapping the power of web 2.0 social bookmarking sites to generate good traffic and back links, u may want to do as what I have done => invest in software to automate the job. The one I am using right now is pretty neat. It has more sites listed compared to OnlyWire and it can create accounts for u automatically. It also accepts keyword phrase as tag and let u create multiple profiles so that u do not leave too much footprint on the net in case u are accused of spamming. The best part I like about it is that the software gets updated almost every single month to keep in pace with the latest development of some of the bookmarking sites.


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