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July 19, 2007


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Rich Hoeg

Wiki Tag appears to be nice service, but it only searches the name of the wiki. I've built a Google Co-Op search engine which combines the full content of some of the better wikis. I am willing to add additional wikis ... and I have no vested interest or profit motive. I just wanted to create a useful search engine. Click upon my name for access.

Tommy Hanson

Cool stuff, for both of the wiki engines above. It seems wikitag is a bit more workable at this time, since while it does not crawl through content, it is searchable based on the name and tag of the wiki. Rich's engine gave me a zillion entries from wikipedia when I searched for something. WikiTag actually gave me specific wikis that deal with the stuff I was searching for. Obviously both engines are very crude tools at this point, though...

Bill Ives

Toomy - Thanks for taling the time to compare this two tools. It is appreciated. Bill

Bill Ives

Tommy - sorry to get your name wrong - the problem with doing this late at night - Bill

Searchboth is the first site to place google and yahoo side by side on one split screen. The web site takes the user's query and creates a browser window with two frames, with the results from Yahoo! on one side and those from google on the other. It has completely end up the hassles involved while searching different search engines at the same time.

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