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July 20, 2007


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It's best not to mix business with social. Facebook is more a social networking site, LinkedIn is more exclusively for professional contacts and business. CircleUp is cool.


Scott McArthur

I tend to agree with Greg and use LinkedIn much more than I do Facebook. However I suspect the next generation will be the Facebook generation so I guess it's time for me to change my habits!


Bill Ives


Thanks for your comment. Happy to connect on LinkedIn and also Facebook when you join. I liked your blog and added it to my list on this blog and Technorati. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Bill

Mario Sundar

I for one, personally would like to keep my social and professional lives apart. I have a thriving LinkedIn network (Disclosure: I'm the community evangelist at LI) and use Facebook for social activities ranging from movies to music.

Also, we're releasing an upgraded LI groups at the beginning of next month. Stay tuned for more on our LI blog.

Bill Ives


Thanks for your comment. As I indicated, I remain a LinkedIn user and I have alink to my LinkedIn profile on my blog. I see Facebook and LinkedIn different applications. Since my of by business colleagues are also my freinds, I like to mix the communities. Bill

Annalie Killian

Well, funny that I should stumble upon this the day after I led my work team on a visioning day where we explored exactly FACEBOOK as the perfect model for our intranet collaborative network to support Knowledge management and cuture transformation because of the very fact that human beings are primally wired as herd animals and social creatures and the Net Generation dont seem to make a distinction between work and play....and, in innovation, we love that sort of serendipidous learning. This very post...I discovered....where..? Serendipdously on FACEBOOK ...thos would NEVER happen in LinkedIn which is boring, I dont ever log on there (in 5 years I've had it) to simply browse for the sheer joy of it. Its NOTvisual...its all list based, and, nothing much has changed in YONKS! It was a good network ...but, something infinitely richer and better has come along.

Bill Ives

Annalie - Wonderful comment and I agree about the visual aspects of Facebook and the increased discovery that I have also experienced. Will you be my Facebook friend?

Phil Dunn

Have you ever considered using Facebook as a project management portal? I found this post while Googling on the topic. For me it would be nice.. create individual facebook pages for each client then use apps as necessary (like 30boxes and others for calendar, messaging, milestones, updating, file sharing etc..). Q: Would it be secure? Q: Will facebook allow multiple accounts?

bill Ives

Interesting idea. I know that Serena is using Facebook as their intranet and Worklight provides front end to offer security for those who want to do this. See the Workbook application from Worklight for the security issue.

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