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March 15, 2007


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Mike Gotta

The security concerns are the concerns of business and IT. Technologies such as RSS are vulnerable to certain types of attacks (e.g., XSS and XSRF). Use of public bookmark services can reveal information about internal projects that aids those interested in social impersonation of staff. Deployment of personal blogs without proper policies and procedures to guide employees can open the door to a variety of issues, including hostile workplace concerns.

I could go on and on. But this is nothing new -- all technologies used within the enterprise have gone through some level of debate and due diligence. It happened with e-mail systems, discussion forums, and intranet web sites when they first appeared.

None of these valid concerns by business and IT groups regarding security and other items are showstoppers. It does mean that you look for products that support certain caapbilities(like blocking file attachments in feeds or having the feed software work with your anti-virus software or choosing to deploy an internal bookmark system (Connectbeam for instance)) rather than rely on a consumer service.

So as much as it makes for good press to set IT against business, it's not a valid argument.

bill Ives

Mike you make some great points. The press is often looking for a good story line to hype the drama, even when it is a minoir or expected isseu in real life. I have seen this many times. Thanks for the reality check. Bill

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