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March 28, 2007


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James Dellow

I'm glad to see that others have been thinking and continue to think about this problem - similary I've been pondering this issue in terms of what I call the "grey area" between using social software as social media tools vs using them as information management tools. Its probably more important now than ever before that we think about the differences, to help with broader adoption inside the firewall. I'm sure there are a lot of people who think they are becoming E.20 organisations just by installing some blogging software.

bill Ives

James - thanks for your commnet. The baggage that web blogs dragged into the enteprise has certainly compounded adoption issues . Look at the difference between Davenport and McAfee. Tom is viewing blogs, in part, through the lens of personal web blogs.

Oscar Berg

To me, the difference between a blog and a wiki is the purpose and use of it. A blog is an online journal, a record of events in chronological order. A wiki is an online information resource that is edited collectively. From a technology perspective, there is not a great difference between a blog and a wiki. Due to different purposes, the functionality and design differ. The tool or application with which you blog might be called an "RSS enabled content management system", but a blog is a blog. You could use an "RSS enabled content management system" for other purposes (solutions) as well, for example for a wiki.

bill Ives

Oscar - Thanks for your observations. I certainly agree with them. It is a case of form following function and multiple overlapping uses for both t0ols (e.g., project management). Soem said the blgos are optimized for communication and wikis for creation. Bill

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