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February 21, 2007


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Tony Karrer

Hi Bill,

I've been trying to make sense of my traffic in the past few days as well. It does seem rather surprising how much traffic comes from things other than RSS readers.
See -

One thing that really surprised me was how many visitors had come back 10+ times in the past six months. Many more than I have as subscribers (which I have to estimate because a lot of folks subscribe to my atom feed from blogger as opposed to my feedburner feed).

Oh, and last thing - I've found that SiteMeter is good for a quick daily view of things, but I use Google Analytics for a better longer term view.


bill Ives

Thanks Tony. I have been thinkin gabout checking out Googel analytics and will try to do it now. I like the granularity you mention in your post. I get about 80% of my traffic from search engines and most of this from Google.

Tomoaki Sawada

Bill, congratulations on achieving 200,000 visits to your blog. I always enjoy reading your insightful articles. Rgds

Tomoaki Sawada

Bill, congratulations on achieving 200,000 visits to your blog. I always enjoy reading your insightful articles. Rgds

Mike Gilronan

Hi Bill-
Have you tried the new Site Stats (to go with Feed Stats) from Feedburner? I have found them to help "round out" my view of who is reading my blog, where they came from, where they go to (from my links), etc.. The only downside I've seen is that they haven't yet straightened out their tool for eliminating the blogger's own machine from the stats.

bill Ives


Thanks for your Site Stats suggestion. I went to the site saw thay charge money. I can get Site Meter, technorati and feedburner stats for free as well as wholinkstome. I do not need more stats enough to pay for it. I woul dbe intereste dto see what they offer over the free ones. I am alos goign to look at Google Analytics which I assume is free.


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