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February 14, 2007


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Amazing Stories.

issa gheit

3 Tips For Increasing Your Adsense Income Without Increasing Traffic

Many people are so obsessed with getting more traffic to their site, that they can easily forget to make the most of their existing traffic.

There are three key ways to make the most of the traffic that you're already getting and many people have made simple changes only to find their Adsense income has increased, literally overnight.

Three ways to make more money from your Adsense sites:-

Increase Your CTR

Placement of your site has a massive effect on your click through rate (or CTR). If your CTR is anything under 10% you can probably improve on it. Prominent positioning in popular positions doesn't necessarily distract from your content.

If you're serious about making money from your site and have more than 10000 page views a month, it's probably worth investing in Joel Comm's Adsense book which will advise you on the best placements, colours and settings for your ads.

Improve Your eCPM

Even with static traffic, it's possible to increase your income.

Setting up URL channels on Google Adsense can help you to monitor the CTR and eCPM for individual pages. This can highlight some obvious inequalities between similar pages - and you can look closely at the keywords - particularly those surrounding your Adsense html to find out why.

You can use the Adwords Keywords tool to find out which keywords are paying highly and add one of these words, where appropriate, to the top of your pages. Also, make sure that your pages are themed, so you included theme words. For example, theme words for baby might

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include babies, pregnancy, child, infants & children. Introducing sprinklings of these kinds of words throughout the content of the page can help improve it's rankings and ensure relevant ads.

Again, for the serious business person, consider investing in an Adsense Tracker software to get detailed reports on clicks and keywords at your website.

Add Fresh Content

There's no doubt about it, adding regular fresh content to your site keeps the search engines happy. The easiest way to do this is a blog - if you're not comfortable with writing your own articles or content - you'll probably be happy with a blog.

Spending time reviewing your site statistics, making changes where appropriate, can help to increase the traffic and income from any existing site. So, don't forget to keep an eye on your older sites, whilst developing the new ones!

Ram Kumar Parajuli

Very informative post .
As my experience little change in ad placement , ad site can double your income with in a day .
Before some week I have changed ad size from 468*60 to 336*20 for my site then CTR jumped from about 5% to 19% for one day and now it is constant at about 9.5% . thus this little change double my earning .
You can also do some research using channels , Which helps to increase your earning.

Article Directory

Nice info...I'm kind of shock not to see any of the top content sites on your list.

bill Ives

Thanks for your comment. I did not generate the list - these ae the financial results. I wonder what content sites you were surprised to see missing.

The AdSense Wizard

Interesting overview, I'm in the top 100 though but not quite top 10 :)

Adsense Primer

It worth noticing that how much time it took by these publishers to reach these milestones. Often new Adsense publishers dream of becoming millionaire overnight. But this requires time and constant hard work.


Hey Bill,

Thats really interesting. thanks for sharing the info.


Tony Starks

Interesting stuff. I'm getting about $10 a day on adsense, so I am a long way away of catching up to these guys. Watch this space

Brother Din

Very nice & interesting information. Thanks for sharing


I'm just getting started and I am looking forward to at least alittle traffic at Stop in and discover something new on the web today!

Earn Money Online

try to using the high paying keywords -


Wow, those figures are astronomical

empire technology

great story

Kendall Dean

My name is Kendall and google ads are not working for me at all I need help please.

bill  Ives

Kendall - check out the Google Adsense forums as there are many good suggestions. Bill

ed | pinoymoneymaker

Nice list. There are still many site owners out there that earn a lot in Google Adsense that doesn't advertise their earnings.

Orient Furniture

I just start adsense on my site
It has quite some trafic but the CTR is only 0.56%. I think I need a lot of work to do to increase CTR.


fantastic story, certainly worth trying

the best spinner


I was in google adsense and i got out but i tryed to sign back up and i wasnt able to. I got denied. Does anyone know another program or website or anything that u can make money from your site by displaying ads or anything?



The manner you place your adsense determine your earnings. After you have registered for your adsense and ready to place your code, Use this method in this webpage to place your ads. This site receive about 2000-3000 click a day. Just use his adsense placement method then your get high click rate

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