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February 01, 2007


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Adsense Decoder

Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for introducing my site - Da Gsense Code. I am glad that you love the site. However, the link given is a bit wrong. The link now in your site is "", and actually, we have moved to the new domain of "".

Would you mind correct it for me?

bill Ives

Thanks. Correction has been made. Bill


It's almost been a month. What are you thoughts after revamping your page? Do you still ilke AdSense? Why do you think social networking sites dont employ AdSense on their user pages?

bill Ives

I am still getting about twice the ad revenue on average since I redid things. of course, this is still not a large amount but it is helpful. I am not sure about the last questions as there are so many types of social networking sites.


this site allow me to use my google adsense account:


1) what do you think about this way to use adsense?

2)do you know others pages like that?

3)where would you place this link?


Bill Ives

Ink - how does it work? Is this a franchise where you sell stuff and have Google ads?

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