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January 31, 2007


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John Martin

Hi Bill,

Just trying to wrap my head around what you mean by sub-categorizing. For example's sake, I have a feed for a grad course I am teaching. The URL is But what I think I hear you saying is that this process is fine until you want to expand or focus the content beneath that tag. So if my course uses the tag CE5560, but I wanted to sub-categorize the tag into headings such as readings, resources, misc I would need to create a separate but related tag, say CE5560-readings. Are you thinking something like or am I misunderstanding your point?

I have been wondering about this same thing for a bit. I've moved to Diigo for its commenting feature but it suffers from the same categorizing/tagging drawback.

John Martin

bill Ives

John This is exactly what I mean. If I understand you correctly, you can create an tag that is an extension of the first one. However, would you then have to manually retag all the stuff you want in the sub tag? Also this new tag would not appear nested within the orginal but would be a new tag. Check out and look at some of my reading lists. This tool was first created for course lists like yours. However, it takes more time to add stuff tham

John Martin

It would seem to me similar to what blogs are beginning to do with parent-child category relationships. The WordPress Codex has a quick overview here ( ). Something like that would seem to be a natural fit for any social bookmarking tool.

I like the clean layout of the H2O playlist but I see what you mean by it being a bit cumbersome. Of course I'm prefer to think that I'm efficient rather than lazy, in that I like a browser applet that allows me to right click on a link or page and send it direct to my tool of choice without a lot of extra effort. The Diigo ( ) applet allows me to not only bookmark an item but to add clarifying information before I post it.

A blending of these functionalities would certainly add a new dimension to the social bookmarking experience.

Thanks for your insights!

John Martin

bill Ives

John Thanks again. I will certainly check out the links you provided. I love the picture on your site, having climbed all the 4000 footers in the White Mts. with my daughters, some in the winter. You work in a great area. We often stopped in Plymouth on our back to the Boston area. Bill


Actually, all you have to do is tag items with more then one tag. Simply tag the item with your major category and the "sub categories" as seperate tags. item would be tagged with enterprise2.0 and blogging for example. Then when you go to your account and click on the enterprise2.0 tag you will see a list of the related tags on the right side of the page. It will show all the other tags that have items also tagged enterprise2.0 only, so you can still use the blogging tag for other links. This can easily be used to subcategorize items without any additional functionality. If this does not make sense please shoot me an email. I think we are neighbors actually, so I could always explain over a coffee sometime. Best Regards.

bill Ives

Stephen. Thanks. This make sense. I assume you can go back and add tags to create subsections when the original section gets too big to manage. This would be a key feature as you are not likely to know how you might subcategorize at the start. Coffee also sounds good. I will send an emial.

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