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January 30, 2007


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John T. Maloney

Hi --

Good post.

SOA exhibits the properties of complex adaptive systems (CAS). IT is impossible to model, engineer, deliver and optimize SOAs with conventional, linear BPR-style process and 'chain' tools. Traditional process-oriented ERP systems, behind the firewall, are/were indeed very complicated, but also well suited to lengthy analysis, reductionism and linear modeling. However, SOAs are complex network architectures. They must be modeled and delivered using network archetypes, kinetic visualizations and enterprise value network analysis to achieve seamless business interoperability, security with openness, performance, and reliability.

The Value Networks Consortium offers the methods, tools, techniques, applications to drive this new enterprise SOA logic forward.


Many offerings are open source, open content and free.



I liked this post. Although I see distinctions between SOA & Web 2.0, I also see several similarities.

You might want to check out this video on QEDwiki from IBM which also discusses SOA & web 2.0

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