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December 21, 2006


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Curtis Conley

Pumping gas 2.0 is certainly on the way. I watched a bit of Jay Leno’s monologue on a rather nice flat-screen television earlier in the week while pumping gas. It was spliced together with commercials for Shell gas and products, but it made the chilly weather a little more tolerable.

How long before it becomes a totally interactive experience? As customers swipe their card to pay, their preferences for Letterman over Leno may be recalled, interactive instant-win games with free gas incentives, products advertised based on buying patterns, etc.

Anything to ensure that I’m not bored or left with my own thoughts for more than 40 seconds! :)

bill Ives

Curtis - great points, see my related post on the FAST Forward blog, Escape from Blackberry -

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