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November 21, 2006


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John Maloney

Hi --

But what does it mean for KM? I have heard KM executives FLATLY rejecting blogs for any KM purpose or strategy. They said it openly, in a major KM Conference!

KM's adoption of social media has been on of the biggest disappointments of the 90s.

Instead of catching the waves of social tools and KM innovation and riding them to the beach, KM is getting literally drowned by the technology, methods and social mechanisms that would do them the most good.


bill Ives

John - Thanks for the comment. I see that blogs and web 2.0 are the next wave of KM as I have written about many times on this blog. Intranet 2.0 see- for example. One quote from Indus Khaitan that is in this post is worth repeating here. “Writable Intranet” is the corporate intranet of the future where employees collaborate using Wikis, Blogs and applications interoperate using RSS. The Writable Intranet does not have series of static pages where information is disseminated "top down". It is the place where employees collaborate, exchange thoughts, create plans, capture meeting notes, track projects, create documents (not word documents but documents which are web pages and have version control). The Writable Intranet marks the end of e-mail as the collaboration platform. The Writable Intranet means that enterprise knowledge is "free" and searchable by anybody. The "freedom" implies that knowledge is neither in e-mails and nor in documents but in easily accessible and searchable repositories.” See also


That's interesting information. It makes me wonder if those stats are how Technorati stays good at keeping the "splogs" out of its system [as it claims to do]. I've seen some splogs indexed before, but didn't go back later to see if they were still around. I found out about splogs not long after my blog got an RSS feed, and a spammer promptly stole sections of my content for their fake blog site.

bill Ives

I wonder how many other blog have their content taken without their knowledge. I have agrred to have my blog syndicated by several soruces (Newstex, BlogBurst, Colabria,etc) but it is transparent to me. I do get some comment and trachback spam but Typepad is fiarly godd at filtering this out

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