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November 27, 2006


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Tomoaki Sawada

Bill, thanks for referencing my comment, will keep your informed whenever I find interesting articles. I have been reading latest Systems Journal of IBM on activity-centric computing that covers Model Driven Business Transformation research

IBM is aggressively pursuing now with the project name called VIOLA at IBM research)

VIOLA means "Value-Centric, Model-Drive Business Transformation", that ties business modeling (in Real business model, (not business process modeling)

You can see description of VIOLA at
with more details on Modeling Approach at$File/rj10381.pdf
and its impact at

Referenced systems journal also covers activiti-centric computing paradigm. As you know well, Activity Explorer that are enhanced with the announcement of Lotus Notes V7 is the precursor for Activity Centric Paradigm.

My simple formula to summarize these trens in activity centric computing arena looks like below

BPMS (in SOA) = improve and automate Pre-determind process and provide realtime capability of
creating new process and changing business ruels in responding to market changes)
Activity (UAM supported by Activity Eplorer combined with Social Software on Wiki Based system to improve Artful Process )

BPMS contibutes to increase the efficiency in 40 percent of time spent by Professionals ( namely “transactinal work” activity ) and “Activity” enhance productivity of “innovation process” in the remaing 60 percent of time (”Tacit knowledge work” and Transformational work (collect and transform teh data into the “meaning”. Combined capability of above quation witin the enterprise is the source of Oraganizational (Enterprise level) productivity.

I have no doubt that People side of the equation is more important than the other.

I am looking for the way to unite these two side of activities into one. In this respect, I am expecting “Guided procedue” concept , from BPMS side that incorporate “People intiated process = activity” to make INTEGRATED PROCESS. Swashup (Semantic Web services mashups) project led by E.M.Maximilien of UAM team is to represnt semantice of “Human activities in “every day process” that can be exposed as “business services” to others making it to be easily identified automatically on the net and can be plugged into “my activity folders” automatically and re-used as best practice.

I recommend you to read latest systems journal at your earliest convenience.

In addition, I think you may be interested in reading following 2 presentations that IBM is pomoting internally to accelerate “process of innovation” using social networking for social sharing.

Innovation Trends and Levers

Applying Innovations

Appreciate your patience with reading very lengthy comments. Best regards

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