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September 27, 2006


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Lee Kraus

I saw H20 a few weeks back and thought it was a really interesting project. Do you think businesses will try to measure the use of these tools? Will they conduct ROI and put a dollar amount on the productivity gains?

bill Ives

Lee - Thanks for your comment. If organizations see playtlist as siimply a useful utility like the phone or word processing they may not do ROI. If they do look at ROI it is best done by aligning the tool with a business process and see how it improves the process. In this case the ROI measure should be aorund an aspect of process improvement and not generic time saving. Bill

John Tropea


I posted on Social lists including H2O

Lee Kraus

That's true. Assuming that a mature company with resources uses a software system to monitor workflow processes. i.e. processing customer requests. Then associating a playlist with "processing customer requests" and tracking the playlist's use and activity (changes or derivative works) could allow a company to at least infer that the playlist intervention had some impact on the workflow process?

Just thinking about it outloud... Thanks.

Brent W

Wow, great idea. I always need to share links with people at work. Would H2O from upon this? They describe themselves as 'a web-based home for educational collaborations.' The content would still have to
be very worth-while educationally, I would think.

bill Ives

Brent - It is a free tool. There are some conditions for use. It is also open source and you used to be able to get the source code. I am not sure of the current status. I used it for a while and still have my play lists. The navigation could be improved and if it was a commercial product I am sure it would be. I would encourage you to see how it stands now. Bill

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