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June 08, 2006


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Michael Angeles

Hi, Bill. I had a similar idea in 2003 when we were implementing KM blogs for customers and later again when we installed our social bookmarking application at Lucent. I illustrated how the idea of creating friends in a social network could create links to the friends' subject areas of interest by exposing aspects of their information use. Sounds troublesome, but in an enterprise context, exposing information use may be fair game and provide knowledge sharing opportunities.

Of course, one requirement for this to be of value is being able to identify experts (either because they are self-classified or pre-classified as such by a subject matter expert). Here are the blog entries with diagrams and a user interface concept:

* Integrating weblog aggregation data with enterprise data:

* Exposing users' enterprise information systems use for knowledge sharing and social networking:

I really think that there's so much more that can be done with enterprise social networks when information systems are integrated. The problem is getting the right people to buy in to the idea.

Tomoaki Sawada

Hi, Bill.
Since you've been mostly knowledgeable of IBM Internal project going on relative to Enterprise Web2.0, this may be of your interest that it summaries research project relative to Collaboraiton Technologies, including Dogear, Fringe Contacts(Bluepages?), SONAR(Social Networking architecture and so on ) at


Can I share some resources with you?

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