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May 09, 2006


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Andy Havens

Firefox is also more "social." More hack-able, mod-able, mash-able. We're going around another curve where the ability of software to let you have your way with it (and to let you have other people's way with it, but in your way) is going to be a huge driver.

I have friends who have switched to Firefox after I give them the 15-second description of the allmighty "search engine box," and how they can add 100's of their own engines and, now, grind their own blended engine. I have others who have switched due to other, similar plug-ins and hacks that are available in Firefox, but not IE.

Bugs and viruses are unwanted, outside interference with your software. Hacks, mods and plugins are WANTED outside interference. Firefox is a much smarter porous membrane for which software gets in, based on users' choices. That's going to be key.

Will IE eventually be as hackable as Firefox? I don't know. It could happen. But I don't see "open" or "extensive" as being archetypal Microsoftian adjectives...

Barb McDonald

I am a Firefox devotee, mostly because my husband controls our computers, but I have to say it has been nice not to have to worry about the garbage that comes with IE. I have done a bit of reading (mostly on slashdot) and, if you read those tech-savvy folks, you'll find that IE IS the problem -- all of the bad stuff that works on IE and not on Firefox is because IE is crap -- it creates the holes that allow the problems in. M$ is such a behemoth that they can't fix problems without creating more whereas, since Firefox is opensource, anyone can fix a problem -- if they know how, anyway. But there are LOTS of folks who know how.

Anyway, that's my rant on this particular subject. I think word of mouth is going to move people outside of corps away from MS pretty fast.

Bill Ives

Andy and Barb - Thanks for your views. I largely agree with you. I try to take a neutral view on Microsoft and use their office sute. I am also looking more into the capabilities of Sharepoint. However, I think they are making a big mistake by not addressing the security issues on IE. I have enjyed using Firefox and Safari and have no problems gaining access to any site on the web through them nor have I had any performance issues. It is nice to not have the problems I got using IE.

Barb McDonald

Thanks. My post sounded more vituperative upon re-reading it than I intended.

FYI... for $40 you can get a program that emulates MS Office on Linux. It's incredibly accurate and a heck of a lot cheaper.

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