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April 13, 2006


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Bill Ives

Patrick - Thanks for all these great resources. I will be reading and writing about them soon.


Bill - While not directly related to enterpise, I really liked Rashmi Sinha's Cognitive Analysis of Tagging ( She's got several pieces on tagging over the last year or so.

Niall Cook


Whilst not yet launched you might want to look at Cogenz, in particularly the case for enterprise bookmarking here:

Regards, Niall

Tomoaki Sawada

Bill, new blog entry about tagging at Functioning Form - Interface Design Blog

Included in it is
(From the comment of IA Summit 2006)D. Grant Campbell and Karl Fast talk about the big picture in “From Pace Layering to Resilience Theory: the Complex Implications of Tagging for Information Architecture.” From a theoretical perspective, change often occurs in a patchy, non-linear, discontinuous way. If this is true, collaborative tagging may have little impact for a long time, then suddenly have a big effect. Whether this will be a good effect or a bad effect, it is tooearly to say.

Bes regards

Michael Braly

We have tagging links at

Mike Hawkins

Now of course the act of tagging and bookmarking is referred to (by some)as "folksonomy" - quite a good name if you ask me.


The Article was dealing with Tagging and Bookmarking.
Social Bookmarking in the enterprise seems to be a good idea.
Hope for the Best!


Social Bookmarking

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