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April 11, 2006


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congratulations !

It's great that you'll be continuing your consulting and speaking assignments !


Luis Suarez

Excellent ! Congratulations, Bill !

I am really glad to hear about these news and I do hope to read some more about your new adventure here in your blog ! Congrats again and wish you all the best, Bill !

Patrick Cormier

Congratulations Bill! I look forward reading more of you. Learning Boot Camp 2.0 is interesting - I saved it and will recommend it.

Tomoaki Sawada

Congratulations on your assignment, Bill. Looking forward to hearing more about the capability of iQuest and its syenrgy with SNA and tagging for improving enterprise innovation.

Bill Ives

Thanks to everyone who has commented on this. It feels very good to see this support. I will be writing more about iQuest as I mentioned. I will also keep ths blog active with daily posts.

Tomoaki Sawada

Question to you, Bill. One of my fiends has been studying Cynefin Framework for sense-making and its relation to scenario making. I learend that you are tied with Helix commerce that looks to be colosely collaborating with Dave Snowden, since I came acrross when studying Snowden's work. And I know you and Patti Anklam are involved in coordinating KM world

My question, Bill, is simply, what the hell, are these pieces, listed below, fitting together to make a BIG Loop.

KM-Cynefin Framework-Sense making-Scenario Based method for future mapping-SNA/ONA-Value Network Analysis

VNA is by Verna Allee as described in Patt's BLOG

I may be cofused, but I apprecaite if you can clarify to solve my PUZZLE. Appreciate

Bill Ives

Tomoaki - It is certainly a small. world, someone should do a SNA of KM & SNA consulting. I know that Verna and David know each other well, along with Patti and Cindy of Helix Commerce. I know Patti and Cindy much better than Verna and David. Cindy was a colleague of mine at Accenture and we have stayed in close contact. Patti and I are in the Gennova Group in Boston. Cindy had me come to a lunch with Verna and David at last Fall's KM World. I am not an expert in the approaches of Verna and David but I have some familiarity wth them, and have seen each of them present. I think they are complementaary and not redundant with each other. I would ask them directly as they both seem quite responsive. I also think that iQuest could be a useful tool to support the work of all four of these consultants.

Tomoaki Sawada

Bill, thanks for your response and explanation of your relationship with other fols. Your last comment is exactly what I am pursuing right now, since I am investigating to find new consulting area for my company that emcompasses these areas and also figure out the best prominent tools to support varying stages of consulting activities. My idea is in its very early stage, but your continued attention to these areas would be very helpful indeed. Best regards.

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