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March 01, 2006


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I agree that this should concern us. "The search across computers" is something I am, personally afraid to use. I am also not a user of Google Desktop. (I simply use the search bar in FireFox.)

I do not mind Google using the data they collect for profit purposes. After all, that is why the search is free and that is how they pay all those Phds to develope better software for us to use to search with.

However, I think it is only fair to mention that Google was the ONLY entity to fight handing over search history to the US government. The others simply complied.

Bill Ives

Thanks for your comments and I agree with what you said. Google continues to be very smart in its business model and I admire them for this. They generally do things that promote openess and innovation by others such as their use of open APIs in Google Maps, etc. It is also smart business for them. I also have no problem with their anonymous use of aggregated data. I use Google a lot myself on my blog and on the web and appreciate it being free. They are are gaining more and more control over the information on the web. So far, this is largely for good reasons or at least for reasons that simply make money for them and do not hurt others. I admire their resistance to handing over this information to the government. Hwoever, I do think that all this accumulated power does require discussion so it stays in the common good.

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