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February 21, 2006


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Noel Guinane

We're pretty new so our blogroll is being updated frequently since we're just building it which I think is true of most new bloggers and is consistent with Jan's report. The other findings were interesting, especially about RSS. That's a pretty low take-up, but I have to admit I don't really use RSS either. I check into about ten regular blogs per day, sometimes less if I get involved in a good conversation, and more if the posts I'm reading link to other blogs which most good posts tend to do. I do read blog post links, but since we don't have Trackbacks, I need to either been told about them via email or occasionally check into Technorati to see who is linking. Maybe there is a better way of doing it.

jozef Imrich

There is a website called 'who links to whom' - a brilliant site indeed!

CODA: How to get Robert Scoble’s attention: Scoble invites developers to excite him
Are newspaper columns about blogs dying dying?

Jozef Imrich

Ouch, Link to links I forgot to provide above:

Bill Ives

Jozef - Thanks for these links. You always bring interesting stuff to my attention and it is apprecited. I will an explore them. Bill

Jack Vinson

I'd say the blogroll vs. links question really depends on the type of blog you run, and how you define a blogroll. My original understanding was the blogroll was other blogs you read, but I suspect that has morphed into "other cool people like me" or "please link back to me, since I have your website mentioned here." They may also be status indicators: If I link to X, then I might be positively associated with X.

I have about 50 blogs that are on my "don't miss" list for various reasons. But I read over 300 blogs when I have time and inclination. I just can't see posting all 300 of these to a blogroll. (Technically, I could just post one or two folders, but most tools don't make this very easy.) I've pulled out a blogroll in favor of a list of "recent links" in my sidebar.

Bill Ives

Jack - good points. especially the evolved uses. There are many uses for a blog roll or list as you said. It is not a one dimensional thing. Since I use my blog as my personal knowledge management system, I use my blog list the same way. These are blogs , like yours, that I want to be able to get to quickly with one click, sometimes to read or sometimes just to pick up the link for a post.

Denham Grey

Feed list vs. blogroll

Bill I'm thinking feedlists are fast replacing blogrolls. What links, trackbacks and comments have that is very different from a blogroll or feed list is some measure of reciprocity.

Feed lists and blogrolls seem to be mainly one way, but you can get a better feel for the strength of a relationship and the sharing of interests by tracking cross-links, and comments.

Bill Ives

Thanks for your comment Denham. I think for the most usage of getting consistent access that you are certainly correct. I use feed lists and blog rolls differently. I read through the feed lists but use th eblog when I want to quickly check a site or simpy to grab the url for alink in a post. The trackbacks and links are a better way to see the active dialog. The iQuest tool is a good way to look at these relationships.

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