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February 20, 2006


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Luis Suarez

Hi Bill ! Thanks very much for this weblog post. Actually, I have been thinking lately about sharing some more information about the different tools that I have been exposed to, both inside IBM and outside, and that would be very much related to the so-called Web 2.0 (Now that there seems to be such hype around KM and Web 2.0 offerings), since I feel that not many people have been doing this lately, actually. Indeed, we get to read lots of great comments and reviews of the different options available out there but very rarely have I found commentaries from people about what this or that other tool could do for Knowledge Management, remote collaboration and social networking. And this weblog post has provided some further inspiration towards that ! Thanks much!

Regarding your comments about the little usage on IM and its interruptive nature I must say that this particular topic is something that I have already weblogged about elsewhere a couple of times ( and although not just related to IM and I have always thought that we, ourselves, are the managers of all of those interruptions. It will be up to us to define when they should stop and act accordingly. I mean, one of the main reasons why I like IM / VoIP so much is not the fact of being able to chat with colleagues all around the world it is actually something much more mundane. As a remote worker it provides me with that sense of belonging to the group by checking the online status of folks. Thinking that they are online as well, next to me, is something that helps me get a much more comfortable feeling that if something happens I know I can always call for help. Pretty much like I would do if I would have all of my colleagues down the corridor from my office. I would do that same check over and over again.

Then for the rest of the IM interactions I consistently rely on the IM status messages where I always try to indicate to people where I am, or if I am away from the office, or working on something and therefore would not want to get interrupted and so forth. In most cases people would respect that, but in those where that may not be the case you could rather go and use the DND button or just simply add those contacts into your ignored / blocked list. I know that may be a bit drastic but I am sure after a little while they will get the message. By the way, I am not sure which geek test you are referring to but on one I did recently I scored 56%, out of 100%, something that I am very proud about :-)

One final thought on your comments regarding "Luis adds that Notesbuddy will eventually be able to connect not only with other IBM’s “Sametime end-users but also with AOL, Yahoo! and even Google Talk end-users, all of that at the same time and from a single IM client.", yes, this is the case indeed, but it will not be Notesbuddy itself but Lotus Sametime 7.5 ( which is based on Notesbuddy and another IM offering which I am sure you will find very interesting but which I will weblog about it some other time since this commentary is growing rather long already.

Again, thanks a lot for the feedback comments and for the weblog post. Appreciated. (While rereading the comments, my apologies for the length of the commentary. Got carried away in the process!)

Bill Ives


Thanks for the thoughtful comment. A good point about IM creating a sesne of community. I know that many people feel that way and when I was responsible for a group of 14 KM professionals, I did find the same value in seeing who was online and available.

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